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A preview of what you could experience!

The Yeu Voyages team collaborates with various Vendée or French companies to offer you THE best experience.  

Among them, we can count those of Transport & Parking, accommodation, catering, Tourist Offices, Leisure and various activities or even religion.  

Here you will necessarily find your happiness.


Company or self-employed if you wish to integrate this page and have an insert in your name, do not hesitate to click on the button below to complete our "Become a partner" form to be part of the Yeu Voyages adventure.

Transports & Parkings
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Transportation & Parkings

Compagnie Vendéenne.png

The Vendée company

The Vendée company is a fleet of private boats which has been providing the link between Fromentine, Saint Gilles Croix de Vie or Noirmoutier - Barbâtre-La Fosse for 20 years. From March to November, you can climb safely on one of their three fast ships and off you go for the start of the trip to Ile d'Yeu, in the open air!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

You will be able to observe from the bridge the saltos of kitesurfers, the continent which is moving away, then ... you will see for yourself! In case of more mixed weather, the panoramic lounges will shelter you without hiding the view of the ocean.
And me, I got you tickets at unbeatable prices from the “Vendéenne” as they say on the island!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Allow between 45 minutes and 1 hour for the crossing depending on your departure pier.


mainland eye 

This company has ensured territorial continuity between La Barre De Monts - Fromentine and Ile d'Yeu for 60 years.

It operates all year round thanks to its two High Speed Vessels, which take 35 minutes to cross. The insula Oya II is recommended for the transport of goods or vehicles.

For business trips, you will have the possibility of accessing the lower left deck where a few tables are set up to promote the working atmosphere.

The motto of the company: speed and regularity, security.

Find it on:


Oya Vendée Helicopters

Oya Vendée Hélicoptères is one of the regular airlines between Ile d 'Yeu and the mainland. The company provides private, professional, tourist and event travel, from the Fromentine heliport to the economic heart of Île d'Yeu in Port-Joinville. The fleet of helicopters, and the professional pilots of the OYA VENDEE HELICOPTERES team are regularly mobilized within the framework of so-called "Sanitary or Medical" evacuations of people suffering from a health problem to reach the hospitals of Challans, la Roche / Yon or Nantes depending on the difficulty encountered.

The crossing is completed in 9 minutes and the best place to observe the view is of course that of the co-pilot.

Our 24-hour or one-week VIP-Premium Formula includes a crossing by air. Think about reserving straight away !

Parking Martineau.png

Martineau-Alliance car park

The Martineau car park is the solution to park your vehicle in complete safety before boarding a Compagnie Vendéenne boat for the Ile d'Yeu. Your car, van or motorhome will be well guarded. The team even offers you a free shuttle ride to the pier 30 minutes before each boat departure.

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Each of the Yeu Voyages offers and formulas include the Guarding of your vehicle in complete safety during your getaway on the island.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Tip from Clément: You can drop off your luggage upstream at the pier if time permits.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Tropical Leaves


Hôtel L'escale Logo.png

Hotel L'Escale

A crêperie address to really recommend, both for the service, the typical and pleasant setting in which you immediately feel at ease.
Delicious and very varied savory and sweet pancakes.
For me, the Blueburger savory pancake and its fries is my favorite.

Le Caillou Blanc.png

Hotel Spa - Le Caillou Blanc

A crêperie address to really recommend, both for the service, the typical and pleasant setting in which you immediately feel at ease.
Delicious and very varied savory and sweet pancakes.
For me, the Blueburger savory pancake and its fries is my favorite.



“Oya-Vacances Locations is all the conviviality of a small incoming agency in Islais run by 3 local children, Laurie, Fabrice and Pascal. You can stay in one of the 10 apartments in the Ker Oya residence, ideally located 500m from the quays, and can accommodate from 2 to 8 people. For large gatherings, Oya-Vacances also has 4 comfortable houses, which can meet between 9 and 18 people. The plus: a whole range of free or paid services to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Reception on the boat, morning basket, childcare articles, or even bicycle rental, Oya-Vacances Locations "We take care of everything, we take care of you"!


Residence Vacancéole

Vacancéole is the specialist in residences and activities that change your holidays!
We invent and offer a unique invitation to discover, to move, to share magical destinations in a different way… or still unknown! Our advisers are attentive to your expectations and your budget to guarantee the success of your projects. We are committed to sustainable tourism with the Green Key and LPO - League for the Protection of Birds labels. We transform your stays all year round: with original ideas, activities and themes, and a spirit of exploration and sharing in harmony with places and cultures.

Tropical Leaves


Restaurant on 09

Le 09.png

At 9 am it is better to book, but it's worth it! So, the young boss, Adrian Leray, welcomes you with a big smile and sits you in, ask for dinner in the courtyard if you are not cautious! In the kitchen, Natal and Mathieu make everything homemade, from Brest Paris cabbage, to prawns and chorizo gratin served as an appetizer! Dishes made using local, seasonal products and sometimes even directly, as with fishermen and market gardeners.
The menu offers three menus from 26 euros to 46 euros in the evening, from 19 euros for lunch. You can eat herring gravlax, jelly of aioli apples, a tournedos rossini with sautéed new potatoes, or a dome of pannacota with Tonka bean.
We recommend!

All Yeu Voyages packages are flexible for one of your dinners in the prestigious 09 rue Georgette.

The Blue Creperie

Sans titre.png

A crêperie address to really recommend, both for the service, the typical and pleasant setting in which you immediately feel at ease.
Delicious and very varied savory and sweet pancakes.
For my part, the Blueburger savory pancake and its fries is my favorite.

The Foxy Burger

Foxy Burger.jpg

Le Foxy offers Home-made burgers with Baker's Bread, Fresh minced or Vegetarian Meat and Home-made Fries (On the spot or to take away).

Foxy Burger is Fast and Good.

The Albacore is one of my favorites with quality tuna, one of the many specialties of the island.

Icelandic flavors

logo saveurs islaises.png

One was a wholesaler, the other was a caterer. Taking over a small cannery, Christophe and Régis have extended the range of verrines based on the original recipes from L'Ile d'Yeu. From smoking fish, to cooked dishes, to the flavors of the ocean made from fresh products.

The Micro-Adventure "Pic Nic Rando at Sunset" includes one of the island's flagship products from maritime heritage: Smoked Tuna, a delight as an aperitif, during receptions or family meals.

Emily's Farm

La Ferme d'Emilie.jpg

Emilie and her husband, Pierre, raise 180 sheep in accordance with a family breeding tradition. The varied flora of the open sea gives them a special flavor.


The farm is a place to visit and eat, offering a menu based on the harvest for lunch and tapas in the evening following the same approach.

The Ile d'Yeu cannery


The Île d'Yeu cannery is above all a love story for the sea, the island and its inhabitants. The products come mainly from our coasts, or from the surrounding lands with a collaboration with the Vendée or Breton fishermen for the albacore tuna. We especially favor fish on our side (hake, tuna…) You will not find more Made in France than these products!
The desire to respect Icelandic culinary traditions and to offer exceptional products is deeply rooted in the brand. These recipes of sailors' wives, available in soups, smoked and canned, it's quite simply the Île d'Yeu at the end of your fork.

Tropical Leaves

Tourist Office

Office de Tourisme
Office de Tourisme L'Ile d'Yeu.jpg

YEU Tourist Office

Need a map of the island, various and varied advice for your stay, a good activity or accommodation plan, go to the Ile d'Yeu tourist office. Anne Le Masson, director of the office and her team of advisers are at your service.

The Tourist Office is located rue du Marché and welcomes visitors and residents all year round, 6 days a week in low season and 7 days a week from April to the end of September.

The latter has more than 100 years of existence and has been operating under the status of Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment (EPIC) since April 2012. The management committee of the Tourist Office is made up of 21 members, 11 elected representatives of the municipality. and 10 representatives of civil society and headed by a President and two Vice-Presidents.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Pays De Saint Jean de Monts OT.jpg

Pays de Monts Tourist Office

Saint Jean de Monts is a great seaside destination where the choice of accommodation, activities, tours and entertainment almost makes you dizzy. In order not to get lost in this labyrinth, however exciting it may be, take advice from the team at the Saint Jean de Monts tourist office.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Delphine Guyot and her team will assist you in your efforts to organize your stay on the Ile d'Yeu from the Pays de Monts.


Tourist Office "Destination Les Sables d'Olonne"

The entire Tourist Office team is at your disposal to organize your stopover in Les Sables d'Olonne and your getaway to Ile d'Yeu.

We support you for:

  • the search for your holiday accommodation,

  • inform you about the entertainment program,

  • the reservation of your excursions and shows,

  • the discovery of the sites of visits and the essential leisures, without forgetting the good addresses to satisfy your greediness.

We look forward to welcoming you all year round: 1 Wilson promenade facing the Grande Plage in Les Sables d'Olonne, find us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

télécharger (4).png

Saint-Lary-Soulan Tourist Office 

The Saint-Lary Tourist Office welcomes you and is at your disposal to meet your expectations, and help you discover the mountain activities corresponding to your desires for a successful holiday!

Contact the reservation center on 05 62 39 40 29 at the times below or by email at
School holidays: open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Outside school holidays: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Loisirs et activités
Tropical Leaves

Leisure and activities

Emilie's farm


Emilie and her husband Pierre raise 180 sheep in the respect of a family tradition of breeding. The herd flows beautifully on the wild coast from Ker Poiraud to the Old Castle. The varied flora of the open sea gives them a special flavor.

Because they believe in the strength of the earth's natural ecosystem, Emilie and Pierre produce a multitude of red fruits and aromatics in permaculture: blackcurrant, redcurrant, caseille, tayberry, fram-boises, strawberries ...

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

At Emilie's farm, nothing is lost, everything is transformed:
- sheep's wool is used for pretty knits with
natural and vegetable colors;
- the red fruits are processed on the farm into
jam, in sorbets and coulis, and aromatic plants
in jellies, syrups and herbal teas
We love Emilie's farm for:
- their simplicity and user-friendliness,
- their philosophy,
- their excellent products to consume in the salon of
tea from the farm or picnic,
- the magic of experiences to live on the farm (the
transhumance, permaculture workshops, concerts
country, etc)
If you choose to make your day a la carte , tell me if you would like to meet them. They are

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The Free Wheel

logo la roue libre.jpg

The little queen is your best ally for discovering the Ile d'Yeu.
It is with La Roue Libre, a rental company established on the island since 1992, that I find all the bicycles and accessories you need.
Each of the turnkey day packages includes the rental of classic bikes.

Bien etre
Tropical Leaves

Leisure and activities

Mauri Ora Massages & Wellness Treatments 


What do you really need? To take care of yourself? Calm your mind? Relaunch your energy circulation and soothe your tensions?  


Specialist in massages and treatments based on ancestral medicines, I worked for 10 years in luxury hotels in France and Switzerland before moving to New Zealand for a year. Back on my home island, I offer a unique well-being experience all year round at home, on your vacation spot.  


You will discover a full range of massage techniques to allow you to find deep relaxation in body and mind. Book your session on 06 52 88 03 44. Take care of your loved ones with personalized gift vouchers online at  


Dare to take care of yourself, you deserve it.  

M'YEU Move

M'yeu bouger.png

Marine Gaillard, a sports coach at home or outdoors on the Ile d'Yeu, organizes individual and group sessions.  

She knows how to adapt to the clientele and sets up sessions according to your needs and desires by offering cardio, pilates, muscle strengthening, gym...

You can also join her on these social networks, Instagram  , Facebook .  

Travel Planner

Salmon Voyages

unnamed (2).jpg

Salmon Voyages saves you time in your research, but also money. By benefiting from my directory of unusual service providers in France and all over the world, go for a unique stay.  

Entrusting your research also means benefiting from many personalized travel tips, so that your stay can go as smoothly as possible!

Go serenely on a tailor-made trip, with assistance until the end of your stay.

Visit my site:


Company based in La Roche-sur-Yon 

Chaigneau Travel

"Want to dream of dream destinations and heavenly beaches, need to rest, come and discover our many offers of stays now available. Weekend or weeks, a getaway to London, or a discovery in Lisbon, we organize from A to Z your travel.


Travel aboard prestigious boats, offering multiple entertainment and stopover every day in a new place. River cruise. Sail on the Volga, the Rhine, the Danube, the Mekong or the Nile...River cruises are the ideal formula.


Discover the world serenely.

Whether you visit France, Asia, America...enjoy your trip, everything is organized by Chaigneau Voyages."

Tropical Leaves

travel planner 

Tropical Leaves

Leisure and activities

logo asso mya jpeg.JPG

firefly dreams 

Mya is a 6-year-old Firefly with an extremely rare genetic disease (about 500 cases worldwide), Dyrk1a syndrome. This disease causes him various disorders/handicaps: global developmental delay, autism spectrum disorders, severe language disorders/delays, visual problems, etc. 

Thus in March 2018, the association Les Rêves de la Luciole was born on Ile d'Yeu.  Family and friends came to help them. Many actions are set up each year to collect donations to help Mya's parents finance the different therapies she needs (physiotherapy courses in Barcelona, occupational therapy, educational courses, training, etc.).  


Thanks to this association, Mya continues to progress day after day.  


Two possibilities to help the association by spontaneous donations: 

On the secure platform of the Helloasso site:

3 (1).jpg

Caval Kayak Club

A kayak school where you can discover the joys of kayaking in leisure or in competition. With this association with a social and educational vocation, climb aboard a sea kayak, a Polynesian canoe, a wave-ski or a stand-up paddle. An unmissable experience of discovering the island's coasts, coves and caves

télécharger (3).jpg

Know how to make ponant islands 

Savoir-faire des Iles du Ponant is a collective brand that is committed to the economic development of the Iles du Ponant. It values entrepreneurs who create sustainable jobs on their islands thanks to their know-how.

We are happy to be part of this beautiful association which brings together the island of our archipelago. 

Tropical Leaves

Leisure and activities

Heritage Department of the Ile d'Yeu Town Hall


The heritage service developed by the town hall of Ile d'Yeu allows travelers to visit the island as well as possible. For this, they created:  

  • “More than 10 different visits and outings (from April to September and during the holidays).

  • 2 sites (Old castle, Grand Phare) open to visitors (every day in July and August and on smaller time slots the rest of the year) 

  • Animations: treasure hunts, fishing on foot, rallies.

  • Conferences, themed evenings, exhibitions. »


Their themed tours and activities (prehistory, nature, treasure hunts, etc.) are available for both individuals and groups. (Schools, works councils, associations and many others).

The heritage department also produces promotional panels to shed historical or architectural light on certain sites and monuments. A permanent exhibition can also be visited in the courtyard and the corridors of the Fort de Pierre-Levée.


For more information :

Tropical Leaves

Tourist Office

Many religious buildings, modest and sober, in the blue and white colors of the sea and the Virgin Mary, frame our island, its villages and its coasts. A monastic and then parochial sanctuary, the Saint-Sauveur church dates from the 11th and 12th centuries.

The Notre-Dame du Port church was inaugurated in 1829, enlarged and transformed several times.

The Notre-Dame de Bonne Nouvelle chapel is mentioned as early as the 15th century. Its white silhouette dominates the port of La Meule and the ocean, and still makes it a landmark for sailors.

The chapel of Father de Montfort was built in 1835, then enlarged in 1889 on the site of a calvary erected in Ker Châlon in 1712 by the holy father of Montfort.

The Notre-Dame de la Paix chapel was built in 1944 to invoke the Queen of Peace; it is close to the site of the former Saint-Hilaire monastery, where Saint Amand received his monastic training at the end of the 6th century.

If you want to see the location of these, it's just below!

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