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One of the most beautiful countries in Europe

Why visit Portugal this year?

Discovering Ile d'Yeu, this island furthest from the Vendée coast, is to immerse yourself in the authentic charm of a land of sailors and spend an intimate and exotic stay in the heart of incredible landscapes.

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Experience the exoticism of Ile d'Yeu in complete privacy

Trust me ! Climb aboard a boat and reach this island that you can see on the horizon from the Vendée coast.

5,000 years ago, this nomadic land of 23 km² set down its suitcases 17 km from the Vendée coast. Which makes it the furthest island from the French Atlantic coast.

Today, the crossing lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on your port of departure. Thank God, the first sailing boats requiring 11 hours of crossing in favorable weather are part of those anecdotes from the past to be told with friends.

Caractères japonais

Ideas for exploring in Portugal

Lisbon, the capital !

Capital of Portugal, Lisbon will enchant you with its vibrant atmosphere and bustling streets full of entertainment. Don't forget not  to take the famous yellow tram that takes you will allow  to move easily around the city. Now it's up to you to discover the secrets of this city Portugese.

Port,and its tasting cellars!

Elected "best European destination" in 2017 and 2022, the northern capital is full of more or less secret treasures. Going from discovery to discovery: between the cellars of Vila de Gaia, the beaches and the fish restaurants of Matosinhos, the museums, the traditional shops, the fooding or more gastronomic addresses, the guest houses and other charming hotels, there is really what to take care of

faro,history !

Capital of the Algarve, the city of Faro is endowed with an important cultural and natural heritage.  Its historic district is home to a cathedral gothic, the Paço Episcopal Palace and the Arco da Vila decorative gate. It is also very popular with backpackers who pass by during their roadtrip, to enjoy the sea and the calm of this southern region.

Alcochete, at 30minutes only from Lisbon

At the end of the Vasco da Gama bridge, discover Alcochete, between a nature reserve and a breathtaking view of Lisbon. This small fishing village has retained its calm and authenticity, with its meadows where cows, sheep and goats graze, its mill and its promenade by the ocean. Its houses are typically white, underlined with yellow, blue or red, as on postcards, and its church overlooks the Tagus and the pier.

Tomar, former seat of the Order of the Templars

Tomar cultivates a particular charm, linked to its architectural treasures, such as the Convento de Cristo, one of the most important Renaissance works in Portugal, or the Charola, singulière 

circular church. And every four years, the city lives to the rhythm of the Festa dos Tabuleiros and its extraordinary parade of young girls all dressed in white, carrying on their heads a tray laden with loaves of bread and ears of wheat._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


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