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4 season destination, a must in Europe! 

The sunny paradise of Happiness...

Discovering Ile d'Yeu, this island furthest from the Vendée coast, is to immerse yourself in the authentic charm of a land of sailors and spend an intimate and exotic stay in the heart of incredible landscapes.

Image de Luis Diego Aguilar

Experience the exoticism of Ile d'Yeu in complete privacy

Trust me ! Climb aboard a boat and reach this island that you can see on the horizon from the Vendée coast.

5,000 years ago, this nomadic land of 23 km² set down its suitcases 17 km from the Vendée coast. Which makes it the furthest island from the French Atlantic coast.

Today, the crossing lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on your port of departure. Thank God, the first sailing boats requiring 11 hours of crossing in favorable weather are part of those anecdotes from the past to be told with friends.

Costa Brava

This is a real backdrop for a fairy tale. The island is a bit like Never Land . The streets and alleys are called the Fairy, the Chat Room, the Secret, the Paradise, the Lovers, the Druids. And even if the thread of all these stories escapes you, get lost in these enchanted labyrinths. Here and there, you will discover magnificent little courtyards where magnolias, oleanders, mimosas and hibiscus grow.

The island in a few figures ...


With an area of 505,992 km², Spain is a little smaller than its neighboring country, France.

Residential homes

In total, there are more than 7,200 hotel establishments or resorts with bed and breakfasts in Spain.

What you find the ideal place for your stay.

Our favorite? 

Rich in its palm trees, its orange trees, its river and its exquisite squares, Seville is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The architecture of this Andalusian city is magnificent, a mixture of Christian and Muslim cultures.


Spain's National Statistics Institute (INE) reported that the country's population was 47.3 million as of January 1, 2021, a decrease of 106,146 people from a year ago.

Traditional food

Tapas remain, with paella, the most famous dishes in Spain, but tapas are in fact typical Spanish dishes, presented in small quantities, for snacking. ... It consists of grilled meat served with a fried egg, fries and a salad.


Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, the winters are mild and the summers hot and dry. The most favorable months for visiting Spain and enjoying the beach are between May and September.

Our suggestions in Spain

Eccentric Barcelona!

The mythical city of Barcelona. It offers superb heavenly beaches, de many museums, a very pretty historic center. A lively nightlife, as well as succulent tapas bars for lovers of local gastronomy.

Madrid, the capital!

Capital of Spain, Madrid  is a must for its lively and boosted atmosphere that will delight more than one. Festivals and music are to be discovered in this city of the night.

Seville, the precious!

Located in the heart of theAndalusiaSeville  is a destination to do during your tour in Spain!

The city enjoys a "good life" climate all year round, a particular cultural richness and a refreshing environment between sea and mountains. Enjoy its warm atmosphere, discover its welcoming premises and appreciate the warmth of the South on your skin!

Alicante, the authentic!

We love its narrow streets, lively squares, shopping streets and restaurants serving the traditional paella we love so much. Relax with a picnic on one of the many beaches that line the Alicante coast. Then take a walk on the esplanade that runs along the explosive seafront.

Granada, the exciting!

An incomparable sweetness of life... Steep streets lined with traditional houses, an authentic and majestic old town... Roman churches, buildings with Moorish architecture, endless patios and flower gardens. A breath of fresh air awaits you in Granada. 

Denia, the party!

The closest town to Ibiza and of course, the most festive in Spain.
This city goes from 60,000 inhabitants to 200,000 in summer. In Dénia, parties, shows, gigantic parades are revealed. A city apart... Where the joy of living is at every street corner. Between sea and mountains...this surprising city is full of magical surprises.

Balearics, the paradise islands!

The beauty of the dream in its purest form. Out of season, calm and tranquility reign supreme, as do the sun and the heat. In high season, parties and idleness... give a real boost to these regions where nature is still wild and protected in some places.

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